Brazil? A magic country!


In addition to its rich and diverse culture, Brazil is a country of colossal dimensions, providing 8,000 km of beautiful beaches and countless natural attractions for eco-tourism and entertainment. A wide range of sensations awaits you here!

The Regions

The Brazilian regions are an official territorial division of Brazil. This is the largest territorial division (about the stretch) of the country. This division is based on geographical criteria such as: climate, relief, vegetation and hydrography.

The Advantages

When you think of Brazil, you think of... the heat, the sea, the samba, the city of Rio and its party atmosphere. But the destination of Brazil it's much more than that!


More than just a country in South America, Brazil is a continent in a continent nearly 8,512,000 square kilometers of area, which is 286 times Belgium, nearly 16 times the France! Find all the practical information to organize your trip to Brazil: visa, jet lag, security, vaccines, currency, electricity, literature, cooking recipes, music..

Culture & History

Brazil is known for its extraordinary social and cultural mosaic. This diversity is particularly reflected on the rich architectural heritage, from colonial baroque to modern art, including Brasília, the federal capital of Brazil, which is one of the best examples.