Brazil is still under-exploited in tourism. Most travels are classic excursions. BRAZIL SENSATIONS suggests itineraries and tailor-made trips all around the country. No limit to our imagination!


The Brazilian gastronomy is the culinary genius of a mix of stories from all corners of the planet. In addition to gastronomical regional differences, a multitude of discoveries await you! Why not take the opportunity to learn the art of the Brazilian cuisine? A lesson on how to make a Moqueca, for example, or a feijoada? We offer trips, filled with sensations!


Samba, Bossa nova, MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) in all its glory. Traveling at the pace of mainstream Brazilian music. For each region, there is a different rhythms and different stories. We offer dancing classes, a total immersion in the brazilian culture.



Brazil has more than 1,600 species of birds and the Pantanal 650. 

On the back of a horse in the pampas, or on a canoe in the Amazon or in the Botanical Garden of Rio, we offer days in different regions of Brazil, dedicated to the observation of flora and fauna 

Archeology and Culture

In the "Parque Nacional da Serra da Capivara", there are still many rare rock paintings which equal those French and Australian. It's possible to see humans, animals and geometric shapes, thanks to the great work of the French-Brazilian archaeologist Niède Guidon. Brazil houses unique places that deserve to be visited, but require proper organization, such as: the Indigenous tribes in the Amazon, the rock paintings in Piaui, breathtaking canyons and caves in isolated areas of the country.