Special Interest


We work with the concept of "sensations" based on the desires and needs of the individual. Rather Kitesurf, or horseback riding, or a gastronomic tour, we have listed the destinations which will make you live a unique experience in Brazil!


Brazil has one of the highest biodiversity in the world with 8,000 km of coastline. His countless forests, including the Amazon forest, canyons, semi-arid regions of the Pantanal offer great fans, a multitude of travel options "discovery". BRAZIL SENSATIONAL offers a range of destinations tailored for those who want to meet the ecological wonders of this vast country.


With these immense rivers and its coastline of 8,000 km, Brazil has a multitude of choices for anglers. Vitoria, the capital of the state of Espirito Santos is considered as the world capital of Marlin fishing. Amazon and offshore Brazil, the big catfish fishing is very coveted. Enjoy a unique experience in Brazil, with BRAZIL SENSATIONS!

Great events

After the World Cup 2014, Brazil will receive the 2016 Olympic Games. Besides these two major events, Brazil always attracts millions of travelers each year. Rio Carnival, New Year's Eve on Copacabana, Parentins Carnival, Gay Parade, Formule 1, Fashion Week, or, celebrations in June in the Northeast are examples of a wide range of events to go to Brazil!


The Brazilian way of life

The European and African migrations in Brazil brought an ethnic mix unrivaled in the world. Brazil is known for being one of the most mixed, multiracial and tolerant countries in the world. This allows us to offer you a choice of varied options to live surprising experiences and know the way of Brazilian life: cooking classes, dance classes, participation in social projects that we have supported for years.