Carnival celebrations in the city 


These carnival dances welcomed by many institutions and these street parties located in all districts, make the city the largest area of meeting in the world. You have a range of choice for a stay of guaranteed entertainment: the flamboyance of the "Masked Ball", for example, at the Hotel Copacabana Palace, or the extravagance of the "Gay Costume Ball." These events require a reserved entrance, being the most famous and coveted fetes by celebrities. You have, however, also the possibility to experience the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro in true carioca style, accompanying parades of floats "blocos" or, participating in street festivals taking place in many neighborhoods.



The Celebration of the Rio Carnival is the greatest show in the world.


The city of Rio has much more to offer than simply its pristine beaches, its mountains and its rainforests. Rio de Janeiro has its own personality highlighted by the impressing Rio Carnival. The festival lasts for a week until the Ash Wednesday, marking the period of the Christian celebration of Lent and proudly presented as the largest televised global gathering worldwide.



The Samba schools and the Sambadrome.


The Samba schools truly represent the heart and spirit of Carnival. They are composed of men, women and children who come from the suburbs of Rio and who gather to prepare the big show in the Sambadrome, filled with colors and dictated by music and dance. The stadium has been designed by the renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer to host this competition of samba parades during the Carnival in Rio. Each of the best schools like Mangueira, Beija Flor, Mocidade, or Salgueiro presents an electrifying show at the Sambadrome, in order to win the coveted title of champion. The viewer can now join some schools offering up to 80,000 places, each night of competition, in order to parade into the stadium.

The Samba schools invite a limited number of visitors in order to participate in the parade. You will need to book an entry ticket and a costume dance of the samba school which will sponsor you and will put you in tune, with the most dynamic samba dancers of the country. There are 40 judges who award points to the samba schools related to their performances and based on several aspects like samba music, theme, and choreography. The access of the Sambadrome tickets give you the option to: seats through the stadium "arquibancadas" that remain more affordable, or seats in the low-level "frisas" close to the parade, and finally entries VIP "camarotes" which are luxurious suites. Be sure to reserve your seats at the Sambadrome, as soon as possible for the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro.



The Carnival Balls are the famous private parties in Rio de Janeiro


There is no respite during the Carnival of Rio, between the parades, the street fairs, the music and the dancing. All the bars and nightclubs are committed to a celebration of five days! The Balls of the Rio Carnival offer another way to celebrate the great event in ideal places, like the Copacabana Palace Hotel, which attract the elite of society, elegantly dressed. For 5 days and 5 nights, Rio de Janeiro begins a joyful madness. The Sambadrome and the streets are filled with all kinds of colorful parades but there are also plenty of activities in the balls where visitors join the festive mess.

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